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  Bonington Theatre | Nottingham

  Jazz Steps

  5th May 2022 7:30pm

  Standard £12.00

  Student (with ID card) £5.00

  Box Office Closed


Skylla is the solo project of composer and bassist Ruth Goller – featuring Ruth on bass guitar and vocals, as well as outstanding UK vocalists Lauren Kinsella and Alice Grant.

Their music takes inspirations all the way from Eastern European folk song to free jazz, with bewitching compositions featuring bass guitar harmonics sparkling underneath other-worldly three-part song.

Skylla takes after the mythical three-headed sea monster of the same name, in that their music is both mysterious and sometimes dangerous in its own intimate and unique way.

Very close, intimate sound.. so close and so tactile that you can feel the music stroking you on the shoulderCorey Mwamba, BBC Radio 3

Check out Ruth's Skylla album on Bandcamp.  Also, watch video of track 'Often they came to visit, even just to see how she was (M1)' on TouTube

"No mode of listening was as intense, however, as that brought to bear by bassist/vocalist Ruth Goller, whose Skylla gave pause to the relatively denser sound clouds preceding it. Flanked by the precise intonations and occasional aphasic turns of vocalists Lauren Kinsella and Alice Grant, Goller proceeded from humble intervals to unravel an intimacy so deep it felt almost blasphemous to be privy to its wonders.” -Tyran Grillo, ECM Reviews


  Alice Grant Vocals

  Lauren Kinsella Vocals

  Ruth Goller Vocals And Bass


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