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  Southwell Library | Southwell

  Jazz Steps

  16th February 2022 7:30pm

  Sandard £12.00

  Box Office Closed

Tom Ollendorff - Live At The Libraries

Every New Year needs something special and Tom Ollendorff’s Trio delivers in spades. Guitar trios like this have always been taken to the hearts of jazz audiences. 

Clean, lyrical lines and varieties of mood can take audiences from the city’s excitement to the open spaces and dreams. This jazz trio is the perfect vehicle for such a journey with Conor Chaplin on bass and Dave Hamblett on drums. Tom’s mastery of his instrument has projected him in the top tier of the young guitar maestros of the UK music scene.

Expect music and melodies taking you to pastures new – conjuring silk scarves floating in the summer breeze – while, in an instant, having your foot tapping.  This young man is a name to watch and, when you hear it again, recall you saw him first as part of the Inspire/Jazz Steps series.  

Watch the trio perform Spring at https://youtu.be/a4yIv8im03I

Reviewers say: "I really enjoy the playing and writing of young guitarist Tom Ollendorff, definitely one to watch and listen out for" - Helen Mayhew, Jazz FM and "A highly talented, Imaginative player" - The Jazz Mann



  Dave Hamblett Drums

  Conor Chaplin Bass

  Tom Ollendorff Guitar


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