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  Bonington Theatre | Nottingham

  Jazz Steps

  16th January 2020 8:00pm

  Student £5.00

  Standard £12.00

  Box Office Closed


Coming from the vanguard of the New Wave of Nordic Jazz, Wako are one of the most dynamic and innovative groups on the scene. Touring extensively across Europe and in Japan since 2015, they have honed their stagecraft and performances, garnering a solid fanbase and critical acclaim along the way. The quartet bridge the gap between the ECM Nordic chamber-jazz school and the more intense and fiery jazz of the Swedish-Norwegian quintet Atomic.


Martin Myhre Olsen (saxophones)
Kjetil André Mulelid (piano)
Bár∂ur Reinert Polusen (bass)
Simon Olderskog Albertsen (drums)

“There is a sense of warmth, intimacy and openness that “would melt even the blackest heart” - Bird is the Worm, USA



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