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FREENESS - New BBC R3 Show from Corey Mwamba

Freeness: noun - to be exempt or released from something that controls, restrains or burdens. Corey Mwamba - who is Derby-based and recently performed with his trio at Jazz Steps - presents the best new jazz and improvised music with an adventurous spirit.  It goes out on Sundays and the first show was on 3 November 2019.  As well as listening live, you can catch up with Listen Again for this show on BBC Sounds .

"The first show featured poetic dialogue between baritone saxophone and guitar in Cath Roberts’ quintet Sloth Racket and J Frisco, a trio that uphold Leeds’ reputation as a city for cutting-edge improvised music. There’s a chance to feel the sociable energy that exudes from Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra as Corey revisits their performance at Glasgow International Jazz Festival in 2014, and the American cellist Tomeka Reid unveils a new quartet album where melodies dodge out of the way of bouncing, angular rhythms."  


  3rd November 2019 8:21pm



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