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Chapter 3 - Jazz Steps to Bonington

NB: we have removed this download as the text has been revised and will be published at the end of October in pinrted book format that will be available at Jazz Steps gigs initially.

We’re delighted to invite you to read Chapter 3 ‘Jazz Steps to Bonington’, of the evolving book celebrating 20+ years of Jazz Steps at the Bonington.  It’s available via a download from our website. 

Brian Pearce traces the steps leading to the move to Arnold, along the way acknowledging key people contributors.  Ian Perry kicks off a section that focuses on ‘most memorable’ gigs – with audience members adding their favourites.  These reminiscences are superbly illustrated with clips from past programmes and pictures from our ‘resident’ jazz photographer Bob Meyrick.  The chapter closes with a great contribution from former Jazz Steps Committee member, Mike Gowland, who now lives in Australia and remembers qualities of Jazz Steps gigs providing highlights of his week.

  21st February 2019 8:19am



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