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Friends of Jazz Steps - Joining & Renewing Membership

Jazzhouse (Nottingham) Limited - promoting under the name 'Jazz Steps' - are a team of volunteers who are passionate about jazz and promoting great live jazz music in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Please help support our Jazz Steps programme by becoming a Friend of Nottingham Jazzhouse.

For a minimum of £25 per year you can become a Friend and help support live jazz in Nottingham. All proceeds will go toward programming the best jazz from the UK and international scenes in our Jazz Steps programme. In appreciation, you will be named as one of our Friends: in the Jazz Steps print brochures, on our website and on the Bonington Theatre stage backdrop screen projections, unless you wish to remain anonymous. 

To receive an application form, please email info@jazzsteps.co.uk or speak to one of the volunteers at a gig, or download a copy to print and complete by hand.

To renew your membership, you can make your donation wither by cheque made out to “The Jazzhouse”  or by BACS payment to “The Jazzhouse”, account No.03680541, Sort code 20-63-28 (Community Account at BARCLAYS)

We run occasional Friends' social evenings where, over drinks and nibbbles, we can share our passion for jazz and exchange news and views about Jazz Steps. Friends provide invaluable 'voice of the customer' input to the Jazz Steps Board.  In turn, Board members share insights into our 'back room' activities including music programming for Jazz Steps gigs and our Live In the Libraries sessions; organising a publication celebrating 20+ years of Jazz Steps, our engagement with East Midlands Jazz (EMJAZZ) and the Jazz Promotors Network, and more... 

We are grateful to our many Friends including:

Bernie Briggs
John Dyer
Anthony John Green
Mike Harris
Trevor Kirby
Frank Knowles
Don & Stella Lane
Paul & Anne Naylor
Bernard Ory
Evelyne Potter
Sue Revill
Patrick Smith
Roger Staton

and others who prefer to remain anonymous.

  10th December 2018 8:15pm


  Friends of Jazzhouse Form - PDF format - Jazzhouse Friend acknowledgement Final.pdf



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