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Gemma Fuller

As a student at the Royal College of Music, Gemma was involved in community projects with Kevin Hathway’s Elastic Band, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Thames Festival Project, and children’s concerts in association with the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building, Oxford.

In 2011, Gemma joined the troupe at Giffords Circus and spent two summers touring the Cotswolds in a handbuilt wagon, playing trumpet, piccolo trumpet, singing, and playing piano and percussion in the circus band. She then went on to spend two years touring with European circus shows, including Cirkus Arena and Herman Renz.

Since moving to Leicester in October 2018, Gemma has been predominantly working as an actor-musician for various education, outreach and community projects. These have included The First with the Spark Arts for Children, Are We Nearly There Yet? With HandMade Theatre, and Imagine Bridge with Imagineer Productions.


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