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Spencer Hague

Picking up a trombone when he was 6, Spencer quickly joined the local brass band, Enderby Band Organisation. Firstly in the junior band, progressing to the youth band and then to the senior band at the age of 16 becoming their principle solo trombone player, playing at championship contests at high standards.
Around that time he started dabbling in guitar based bands, going on to join a Midlands based band called Stone Foundation. The life of rock and roll soon outweighed the brass band world and I left brass banding behind around the age of 19.
He went on to travel the world with Stone foundation, including touring Tokyo twice, appearing in TV and radio for live sessions and even supporting The Specials on their 2011 ‘comeback’ arena tour. Performing to 10’s of thousands for around 14 dates.
In 2014 he left Stone Foundation and was asked to join the Neville Staple (from The Specials) Band whilst also founding and starting a band in Leicester called King Brasstards.
Spencer remembers performing internationally with Neville as a privilege and a pleasure, "the band were so tight and also a great bunch of people!" Then in December last year he left Neville’s band to focus on King Brasstards. He's also done a lot of session work, with 3 other members of The Specials plus pop artists in the past.


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