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Niti Ranjan Biswas

Niti Ranjan Biswas is an open-minded and keenly sensitive percussionist, firmly grounded in traditional styles of Tabla playing, as well as a versatile accompanist in Jazz and experimental ensembles. His subtle and rhythmically complex performance style reflects an extraordinary level of maturity and attention to compositional detail, rendered in a gutsy, playful and polished manner. 

“Rhythm is my means of delicately reaching out to the world and imbuing it with both lightness and depth”

Based in Amsterdam, he is one of the most sought after Tabla players and teachers in Europe. He has played with legendary Indian classical musicians such as Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute), Niladri Kumar (Sitar), Dhruba Ghosh (Sarangi), Buddhaditya Mukherjee (Sitar), Buddhadev Das Gupta (Sarod), Rajan-Sajan Mishra (classical vocal), and Kala Ramnath (Violin). He has also been acclaimed for his astute accompaniment of Terry Riley, the Metropole Orchestra, and the Concertgebouw Jazz Orchestra. He was a privileged percussionist with the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble Orchestra, accompanying the former Dutch Queen Beatrix, on Her Majesty’s visit to India in 2007. As a member of the Nordanians band he was invited to perform at the prestigious annual world music expo, WOMEX 2015, in Budapest, Hungary.

Niti is currently the Head of Studies at the Conservatory of Rotterdam’s Indian Music Department (Codarts Rotterdam). He also teaches Tabla at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. As a Tabla teacher he is able to convey an extremely intricate body of knowledge in an accessible, systematic and inviting way, attracting advanced students from all over the world.

Born in Bangladesh, Niti Ranjan Biswas started his musical journey at the age of five and was a favourite accompanist of Dhaka’s premier musicians even in his early teens. In 1993 he received a scholarship from the Government of India to study with one of the great exponents of the Ajrara gharana or school of Tabla, Professor Sudhir Kumar Saxena in Baroda, Gujarat. He was also fortunate to study with the eminent Tabla teachers Pandit P.K. Shridhar and Pandit Yogesh Samsi. All of these maestros have had a profound influence on Niti's musical development.

He graduated with distinctions as Master of Performing Arts in Baroda in 1998 and received his Masters Degree in Jazz Percussion from the Conservatorium of Amsterdam in 2003.


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