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Pat Sprakes

Pat Sprakes – guitar and double bass:

Pat Sprakes is a guitarist and double bassist well-known for his ability to provide harmonic and rhythmic sophistication without sacrificing solid swing and groove. Turning professional in 1991 he toured extensively with Tony Kofi and Pat McCarthy. In the mid-90s he was awarded a bursary which took him on a UK tour with Jazz Expressions which culminated at Edinburgh International Jazz Festival. He was selected in 1999 by Darius Brubeck to perform on several tour dates in the Midlands. He has performed on many recordings, particularly with singers such as Helen MacDonald and Sarah Bennett and has worked with Wendy Kirkland since 2003. His notable guitar duo collaborations include Jim Mullen, Phil Robson, Adrian Ingram, Nigel Price, Jamie Taylor, and Sam Dunn. He has worked with Alan Barnes, Karen Sharpe, Alex Garnett, Roger Beaujolais. In 2012 he, together with Wendy Kirkland, set up Chesterfield Jazz Club. He has been a member of the music department staff at Trent College in Nottingham since 2011 whilst continuing to teach privately throughout his entire career. Pat is largely self-taught having learned from players he respects highly, such as Adrian Ingram but cites Wes Montgomery and George Benson as two major influences.

Video has Pat playing in trio backing Wendy Kirkland 


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