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Thaddeus Kelly

Through his desperation not to work for a living Thad Kelly decided to play the bass an instrument that seemed the easiest at the time only having to play 2 if not 1 beat to a bar on a choice of only four strings little realizing that over the next couple of decades he would have to lug that beast half way around the world with him on his varied musical career. Rather stupidly he started playing jazz gigs and couldn’t stop because people kept booking him. Jazz performers such as Ian Shaw, Claire Martin, Jackie Dankworth should have known better. Searching a bit further than the great American Song Book Thad joined Orquestra Mahatma trio featuring Paul Clarvis & Stuart Hall that played songs and rhythms from Albania to Brazil, that’s A to B. [www.villagelife.co.uk] Later he began to rip up musical form with aural anarchist Billy Jenkins who explores the urban blues pallet (of late night tescos and boarded up shopping malls etc.). [www.billyjenkins.com]. This naturally lead on to more rock like forms of groove with Partisans an award winning band that paved the way for the newer genre clashing jazz bands today. Again realizing he had ventured far down a harmonically obscure tunnel Thad started playing sweeter soul grooves with old friends Steve Arguelles and Ashley Slater [he of freak power]. After ending up in the wilds of a forest in Gloucestershire an exploration of songs and tunes of the west (Ireland) not so far west (Wales) & north (Scotland) with Celtish. So finally Thad had to give in and become a band leader, it comes to us all in time. His current project is AughiskY a celtic/jazz cross-over www.aughisky.co.uk


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