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Sarah Gillespie

Her music is a fusion of jazz, folk and blues knitted together by poetic, streetwise lyricism. The Guardian’s jazz critique John Fordham describes Gillespie as ‘(joining) Bob Dylan’s lyrical bite and languid delivery to the forthrightness of Joni Mitchell, with a little rap-like percussiveness thrown in, she is an original.†Sarah Gillespie was born in London to an American mother and British father. She grew up in Norfolk, England – interspersed with numerous trips to Minnesota, where she soaked in the sounds of Bessie Smith, Bob Dylan, Cole Porter and early blues and jazz. From the age of 4, Sarah composed songs on piano, and then at 15 began playing guitar. At 18, she moved to the USA, busking in the streets and playing gigs. On returning to London, she gained a first class degree in Film And Literature and an MA in Politics and Philosophy from Goldsmiths University. Sarah’s critically acclaimed albums Stalking Juliet (2009) In The Current Climate (2011) Glory Days (2013) and her anti-war narrative suite The War on Trevor (2012) all received 4 and 5 star reviews in the broadsheet and music press.


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