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Alison Rayner

Bass player and composer Alison Rayner has been a mainstay on the British jazz scene for many years, initially coming to prominance in the all female Latin jazz group, THE GUEST STARS , in the 1980's. Along with guitarist, Deirdre Cartwright she co-runs a record label and jazz club under the  banner of Blow The Fuse, bringing valuable opportunities to play for many musicians  over the years and of course refining her own considerable talents.

"I played a number of instruments from an early age - ukulele, guitar and piano - played in a band at school and also sang in choirs",  recalls  Alison. "In the mid 70s, desperate to be in a band again, I managed to inveigle my way into what would become Jam Today, a feminist rock band. We needed a bass player - I thought 'I could do that'! Gradually the rock became tinged with jazz-rock and I discovered bands like Weather Report, Chick Corea and Pat Metheny. I had a nice Fender Precision but, influenced by Jaco Pastorius, soon bought a beautiful fretless Fender Jazz. I actually played fretless exclusively through the 80s Guest Stars years (had a great Wal Custom fretless made) and listened to more and more jazz. Finally, in the late 80s, I had an opportunity (through writer and photographer Val Wilmer) to buy the beautiful acoustic bass that I still play now."



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