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Free Download of 'Beginnings' About Nottingham Jazz Before Jazz Steps

As many will recall, we have been working on a Jazz Steps publication, initiated partly to coincide with celebrating 20+ years of jazz at the Bonington Theatre.  Use the link below to download a pdf copy of a draft chapter with the working title ‘Chapter 1: Beginnings’.  This covers some jazz activities in Nottingham leading up to Jazz Steps starting at the Bonington Theatre.  It was authored by Chris Moore, another familiar face at Jazz Steps, whose lifelong enthusiam for jazz includes him broadcasting jazz programmes for BBC local radio;  Chris has drawn on his great collection of jazz ephemera to illustrate this chapter.. 

Under editorial leadership from Jazz Steps regular Frank Knowles, progress is well-underway.  He has created a design ‘look and feel’ based on a square format, flexible enough to have all images or text and broad margins for photos and ‘call out’ information boxes. 

Whilst we have numerous contributions in process of being edited, welcome others coming forward with any contributions.

NB: no copying or reproduction of this material without written permission from Jazz Steps (via the Jazzhouse Board)

  30th September 2018 1:01pm


  Jazz Steps Book Chapter 1 - Beginnings - Jazz Steps book Chapter 1.pdf



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