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Local Guitarist Joe Egan & Trio Major Ruse

It was great for Jazz Steps to catch up recently with local guitarist, band-leader, composer and teacher Joe Egan.  Joe is musically very busy, having returned to Nottingham following his music degree course at Leeds Music College.  He's playing solo and with various bands locally. Earlier this year saw the release of an EP with guitar/sax/drums trio Major Ruse - available on Spotify -  and three different numbers by them live recorded in pro-quality for these You Tube videos:  Trip to Jerusalem  Maples and Philistine.

Joe is developing his career portfolio on many fronts and with numerous different local musicians.  It's good keep in contact especially as, before studying at Leeds, Joe (and his drumming brother Charlie) participated on Jazz Steps' mentoring scheme that provides aspiring jazz musicians a 'backstage' introduction to the profession, including meeting and hearing jazz artists performing at the Bonington.   

Watch a short excerpt on You Tube from a gig that his Joe Egan Standards Trio performed at the Espresso Gallery, (great coffee & an excellent vibe, by the way) that features: Joe (guitar), Charlie Egan (drums) and Mark Trounson (bass).  It's their interpretation of the Sonny Rollins number 'St Thomas'

Look out for Joe performing locally in bands that include: Eshek (jazz/improvisation originals), Lossa Bossa (Bossa Nova Trio), Jiallo (jazz/funk/afrobeat band), Joe Egan Standards Trio and Major Ruse.  Keep up with Joe's performances via his Facebook page.


  3rd September 2018 5:45pm



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