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We're in the Jazz Promotion Network

JazzSteps is a member of the Jazz Promotion Network - an organisation dedicated to sharing best practice for professional and volunteer jazz promoters in the UK and Ireland. It aims to:

- create collaborations which will build audiences for a jazz and related musics

- support the development of skills and opportunities for artists and promoters

- encourage and enable partnerships and communications between members

- create mechanisms for co-commissioning, touring, and other collective projects

- facilitate and enable collaborations, partnerships and communications with other organisations in the UK and Ireland and internationally

- support and link with education and participation activity in jazz at all levels

- contribute to advocacy and awareness of jazz and related musics

- help foster growth in the jazz ecology

Ian Perry is our main point of contact with the JPN.  Use the link below to find out more.


  9th March 2018 10:55am



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